Quantum Deer Stalking or ストーカー量子鹿

12 07 2012
Quantum Deer Stalking

4 Bin Gardening


Google Translate too!
グーグル 翻訳

Where else will you find information on stalking the rare Academic Deer at UVIC, Gardening and Japanese Google Translations, all in one blog! NOWHERE else!

Logging Out!

Biking to UVIC this week and came across a very rare site. Usually deer are quite shy, reserved and discrete with their … excretions. But not THIS morning! There was Bambi, doing what we call in the Ed Biz – ‘Logging Out’!!! And with Momma’s approval, just a few paces away! Kids these days! Sheesh!

Deer are a fairly controversial topic here in Oak Bay. Lots of Letters to the Editor and when you just sit and think about it …. DEER IN THE ‘HOOD! Is that just incredible or .. WHAT! Okay, what are some alternatives to be considered …… Cougars. Wait, we DO have those here because .. THEY EAT THE DEER! Now I actually haven’t SEEN a cougar nuclear family, casually dining on any free range McVenison, but all I have to do is be careful I don’t look or act like .. a deer. Cycling kinda takes care of that….UNLESS cougars learn to bike. Not losing sleep over that!

Bears? BEARS! Okay, so there ARE bears on Vancouver Island, and I have come face to face with them .. but in Banff, many years ago. Again, just don’t act like honey, and you will be fine.

Wolves! Yes, there ARE Wolves on Vancouver Island! But none near here, and they are painfully shy and live near Pacific Rim National Park. So again, not a problem.

Let’s just scale this up a bit.

Mister’s Meadow

LIONS! Nope, guaranteed. Not unless you count Mister in his Meadow.
TIGERS! Nope, guaranteed. Ditto to Mister, due to his feline DNA heritage.
ORCAS! Yup, guaranteed. Just offshore, regularly, but … they can’t cycle either.
ALIENS! Maybe. They might even cycle. But …… Alien Deer? Then just call Doctor Who!

So, really. Deer. In the ‘Hood. And it only costs me a few tulips? Deal me in!

So, if the best solution is to move some of them, there is only one guaranteed method of actually catching a deer, properly.

1st: Find a deer.
2nd: Sneak up behind it.
3rd: Make a sound like …. Cooked Brussel Sprouts!

Notice the plural! Deer won’t give you the time of day for just ONE Brussel Sprout! They will instantly turn to face you, anticipating a green ball feast! They are then frozen into immobility awaiting their favourite orbed veggie! Now, just put a lasso around them and lead them off. Could it BE any simpler?

Now, there IS an aspect of danger to this. If you make the sound of UNCOOKED Brussel Sprouts, you are in serious danger! It is the deer equivalent of a Culinary Insult! Be prepared to look for the nearest cougar and TRY to convince him to join the fight! The difference between the sounds of cooked and uncooked Brussel Sprouts is the gentle whispers between grunts. Forget the whispers and trouble is about to sprout! And, if you only do the grunts, the deer will just laugh at you. This is humiliating. So get the sound right. Nothing more embarrassing than deer laughing AT YOU!!!!

CoGG Chopsticks

And for the ULTIMATE in protection against Deer, you need …. 

Can of Good Goodies and her ‘antagonist’ are always confronting deer and is the Verified Oak Bay expert in Deer Stalking! You want to know about Deer … just visit her Blog! English is here, and Japanese is here! Right now, she is planning a Master Cleanse of Oak Bay, as far as Deer are concerned……. and maybe even Brussel Sprouts!

Google Translate is sure fun, isn’t it!


Oh yes, and Vancouver Island is in the TOP TEN of World’s Best Islands to visit, and that includes deer, bear, wolves, orcas and the friendliest people in the world!

Big 4 Bin Gardening weekend! Amazing when you go a couple of weekends with just tidying up and weeding up and KABOOM – everything just goes crazy because of the sun! Everything seems to have grown to TWICE normal size… and looks fab! Decided to do a counter-clockwise routine this time. Went from North side of house, round the front to the alleyway. Then finished up the next day in the backyard! Lots of interesting new flowers that I have NO idea what they are called! Not even sure if we are under any kind of water restrictions yet. And I also planted some tomatoes too – Champion and Oregon Spring! Not exactly on the experimental scale of CERN and Higgs-Boson, more along the scale of Corn and Hamburger-Fries! Oh yes, and looks like a bumper crop of Apples too!


Okay, now for some garden shots. Scattered and green. Growing and colourful. Scented and organic. I don’t use any pesticides. I pick each weed out by hand.

Dandelions win the night.

I win the day.

Daisies and Pink Thingy

Purple Flower
Rose Alley is Amazing!
More Pink & Orange Things
Lupens, I think
Pink Tendrils of Something!

Snap Dragons! Beware!

And YES, this is just around the corner from where I am lucky enough to live.

Emperor Churchill: “Tick tock goes the clock,” as the old song says. But they don’t, do they? The clocks never tick. “Something has happened to time.” That’s what you say. What you never stop saying. “All of history is happening at once.” But what does that mean? What happened? Explain to me in terms that I can understand. What happened to time?
The Doctor : A woman.



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16 08 2012

Hey, Quantum Bog! You moved to WP, and this looks nice! How’s your long vacation? Can’t wait for your return… hehe

20 08 2012

Quantum Bog here! Been off the computer, as it is too hot, and vacation time! Yup, moved the Google stuff to here, lock stock and barrel. Haven’t done anything at EITHER though. Bog vacation almost over. Going to Alberta for about 96 hours though. Will return all charged up with new puns! And not enough vacation time! I think I will apply for GTO – Garden Time Off!!!!!!!!

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