Quantum Alaska Cruise

30 09 2013

Well, might as well add

some photos

from my

Alaskan Cruise Holiday

last August

The staterooms were amazing!

The staterooms were amazing!

Great weather every single day!

Great weather every single day!

The centre of The Amsterdam was incredible!

The centre of The Amsterdam was incredible!

Captain on The Bridge!

Captain on The Bridge!

First Stop – Juneau!





They make critters out of towels each day!

They make critters out of towels each day!

Leaving Juneau as The Perseids Meteor Shower is about to begin!

Leaving Juneau as The Perseids Meteor Shower is about to begin!



The White Pass!

The White Pass!

Amazing Sunsets!

Amazing Sunsets!





I could have stayed here all day long watching glaciers!

I could have stayed here all day long watching glaciers!

More amazing sunsets!

More amazing sunsets!

An armed escort, MACHINE GUNS, upon entering Ketchikan!

An armed escort, MACHINE GUNS, upon entering Ketchikan!

Ketchikan! Docked RIGHT AT STREET LEVEL!

Ketchikan! Docked RIGHT AT STREET LEVEL!

Ketchikan, almost ready to leave, but had to buy some ..hats!

Ketchikan, almost ready to leave, but had to buy some ..hats!

I am ready to go again…anytime!

Having Trouble Finding the ISS in the Night Sky? Have NASA Text You

11 11 2012

Having Trouble Finding the ISS in the Night Sky? Have NASA Text You.

Quantum Deer Stalking or ストーカー量子鹿

12 07 2012
Quantum Deer Stalking

4 Bin Gardening


Google Translate too!
グーグル 翻訳

Where else will you find information on stalking the rare Academic Deer at UVIC, Gardening and Japanese Google Translations, all in one blog! NOWHERE else!

Logging Out!

Biking to UVIC this week and came across a very rare site. Usually deer are quite shy, reserved and discrete with their … excretions. But not THIS morning! There was Bambi, doing what we call in the Ed Biz – ‘Logging Out’!!! And with Momma’s approval, just a few paces away! Kids these days! Sheesh!

Deer are a fairly controversial topic here in Oak Bay. Lots of Letters to the Editor and when you just sit and think about it …. DEER IN THE ‘HOOD! Is that just incredible or .. WHAT! Okay, what are some alternatives to be considered …… Cougars. Wait, we DO have those here because .. THEY EAT THE DEER! Now I actually haven’t SEEN a cougar nuclear family, casually dining on any free range McVenison, but all I have to do is be careful I don’t look or act like .. a deer. Cycling kinda takes care of that….UNLESS cougars learn to bike. Not losing sleep over that!

Bears? BEARS! Okay, so there ARE bears on Vancouver Island, and I have come face to face with them .. but in Banff, many years ago. Again, just don’t act like honey, and you will be fine.

Wolves! Yes, there ARE Wolves on Vancouver Island! But none near here, and they are painfully shy and live near Pacific Rim National Park. So again, not a problem.

Let’s just scale this up a bit.

Mister’s Meadow

LIONS! Nope, guaranteed. Not unless you count Mister in his Meadow.
TIGERS! Nope, guaranteed. Ditto to Mister, due to his feline DNA heritage.
ORCAS! Yup, guaranteed. Just offshore, regularly, but … they can’t cycle either.
ALIENS! Maybe. They might even cycle. But …… Alien Deer? Then just call Doctor Who!

So, really. Deer. In the ‘Hood. And it only costs me a few tulips? Deal me in!

So, if the best solution is to move some of them, there is only one guaranteed method of actually catching a deer, properly.

1st: Find a deer.
2nd: Sneak up behind it.
3rd: Make a sound like …. Cooked Brussel Sprouts!

Notice the plural! Deer won’t give you the time of day for just ONE Brussel Sprout! They will instantly turn to face you, anticipating a green ball feast! They are then frozen into immobility awaiting their favourite orbed veggie! Now, just put a lasso around them and lead them off. Could it BE any simpler?

Now, there IS an aspect of danger to this. If you make the sound of UNCOOKED Brussel Sprouts, you are in serious danger! It is the deer equivalent of a Culinary Insult! Be prepared to look for the nearest cougar and TRY to convince him to join the fight! The difference between the sounds of cooked and uncooked Brussel Sprouts is the gentle whispers between grunts. Forget the whispers and trouble is about to sprout! And, if you only do the grunts, the deer will just laugh at you. This is humiliating. So get the sound right. Nothing more embarrassing than deer laughing AT YOU!!!!

CoGG Chopsticks

And for the ULTIMATE in protection against Deer, you need …. 

Can of Good Goodies and her ‘antagonist’ are always confronting deer and is the Verified Oak Bay expert in Deer Stalking! You want to know about Deer … just visit her Blog! English is here, and Japanese is here! Right now, she is planning a Master Cleanse of Oak Bay, as far as Deer are concerned……. and maybe even Brussel Sprouts!

Google Translate is sure fun, isn’t it!


Oh yes, and Vancouver Island is in the TOP TEN of World’s Best Islands to visit, and that includes deer, bear, wolves, orcas and the friendliest people in the world!

Big 4 Bin Gardening weekend! Amazing when you go a couple of weekends with just tidying up and weeding up and KABOOM – everything just goes crazy because of the sun! Everything seems to have grown to TWICE normal size… and looks fab! Decided to do a counter-clockwise routine this time. Went from North side of house, round the front to the alleyway. Then finished up the next day in the backyard! Lots of interesting new flowers that I have NO idea what they are called! Not even sure if we are under any kind of water restrictions yet. And I also planted some tomatoes too – Champion and Oregon Spring! Not exactly on the experimental scale of CERN and Higgs-Boson, more along the scale of Corn and Hamburger-Fries! Oh yes, and looks like a bumper crop of Apples too!


Okay, now for some garden shots. Scattered and green. Growing and colourful. Scented and organic. I don’t use any pesticides. I pick each weed out by hand.

Dandelions win the night.

I win the day.

Daisies and Pink Thingy

Purple Flower
Rose Alley is Amazing!
More Pink & Orange Things
Lupens, I think
Pink Tendrils of Something!

Snap Dragons! Beware!

And YES, this is just around the corner from where I am lucky enough to live.

Emperor Churchill: “Tick tock goes the clock,” as the old song says. But they don’t, do they? The clocks never tick. “Something has happened to time.” That’s what you say. What you never stop saying. “All of history is happening at once.” But what does that mean? What happened? Explain to me in terms that I can understand. What happened to time?
The Doctor : A woman.

Quantum Honeybees & Dragon Plants

27 06 2012
This crazy garden is going … crazy with stuff! All kinds of flowers, growth and bees and wasps and roses and you name it! My neighbour, Carole, identified the flower to the right as an Algerian Lilly. I had no idea there were Lilies in Algeria!

Blue Geraniums and a Honeybee!
I actually thought they were weeds, initially!
Algerian Lilly
Honeybee and Blue Geranium

Most of the photos below are guesses, especially the  ones with bugs in them! Bright sun, lots of  honeybees, lots of wasps, and I am trying to buzz them with a camera! I think they would probably call me Buzzarazzi, trying to get them in a photo!

I keep pestering that same Honeybee!

And the Blue Geraniums, I thought they were weeds, and I was pulling them up, until Carole said …no! At least, I can tell what a Rose is … in theory!

Wild Cactus of Oak Bay

This is actually pretty cool! The lone cactus (I think!) in the backyard, and also a Science Experiment! Apparently, you can ‘pluck’ the small ones, furthest away from ‘The Mother Plant’, i.e. the biggest one, and re-plant them! So I am trying that in a couple of places. I like the rusting watering can too!

Mister’s Meadow and Daisy

I actually like this photo best, more for the out-of-focus background, with the wheelbarrow behind the daisy. total guess work, just bending down with bad knees, and pointing it roughly at the daisy! This is in ‘Mister’s Meadow’, which I don’t garden in at all! Other than take out a few obvious ugly weeds, and the expired bluebells, I like to leave it as wild as Mister himself!

Dragon Plant of Oak Bay

The Dragon Plant is something ELSE! This thing careened over WHILE it was growing and is basically, a huge purple SPIKE! Actually, I am not really sure it IS a Dragon Plant, but I think it is. If it isn’t, it SHOULD be! Really cool plant!


Ladybug on a White Rose

And how cool is finding a ladybug on a white rose! Look closely, you can see the ladybug …. somewhere!

Rose and Sea Shells
Potentially Carnivorous Plant

I have no idea what these little pink and white flowers are! Things just pop up and display themselves! If I knew what I was doing, then I would probably know what these are! Best not know. They might be … carnivorous!

And I just like the contrast in texture between the pink rose, and the stucco-ish stuff on the outside of the house. Look closely, it is made of seashells. Listen closely and you can hear the ocean…… which is just a couple of blocks away!

Lilly the Quantum Kitty      

And finally, the rarest Lilly of them all….. LILLY CAT! Her meadow is inside! She is an Indoor Kitty. Mister is the Outdoor Kitty. If they were Quantum Particles, then Lilly is Matter and Mister is Anti-Matter. Both are quirky, and have spin in all directions. Both are positive and negative at the same time, and I am uncertain as to what box they want to sleep in. Chaos. Basically…Chaos! Not a theory, a reality!

 “Give a monkey control of its environment, and it will fill the world with bananas.”
     – Second Doctor Who
       Patrick Troughton


Quantum Yard

21 06 2012
Quantum Yard

Lots of photos this time. Not much to add for now. Just some photos that speak for themselves. My next entry will be on unknown or at least not well-known, Science Fiction and Fantasty writers! Ever heard of Cordwainer Smith? Nelson Bond? Great writers!

Looking down the Garden Path
Mister in his Meadow 
I think these are Foxglove
David Austin Roses and Lock
The White Rose in the Alley
The Red Rose in the Alley
Blue Flowers! Judy told me what they were, but I forget!
The REALLY COOL wheelbarrow in the backyard
I think these are Honeysuckle & are VERY fragrant right now
The World’s Largest Spiders are in Oak Bay!

Quantum Science Fiction and Fantasy

14 06 2012

Quantum Rose Alley

10 06 2012

Quantum Doctor Who and …..42

8 06 2012
Quantum Doctor Who and …….. 42

I am SOOOOO surprised this is not in Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, The Oak Bay News or even The National Enquirer!!!

 The answer has been staring at us since Douglas Adams revealed it in “The Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Galaxy“, one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE BOOKS!

This is the kind of  literature that is worthy of updating your Fakebook profile, right alongside your spiffy new Time Lying!

AND THEN don’t ignore the fact that Douglas Adams wrote three stories for Doctor Who [..and 3 comes BETWEEN 4 and 2!] AND last season, we were left with the tantalizing cliff-hanger from Dorium Maldovar:

Dorium Maldovar

… on the Fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, the Question that must never be answered will be asked.
–Dorium Maldovar 


We have the answer.
We have the question.

I see only one problem.
And…….most likely two.

We just don’t know who ASKED the question ……. and even more interesting, 


THAT is what I am MOST interested in!

And don’t forget – they rhyme too! Doctor Who and 42! How much MORE proof do we need!

None. Finished. Over. Done. Finis. Fait Accompli. Go home, Fox Mulder!

Little known Mac Facts: Douglas Adams LOVED MACS!

I adore my Macintosh, or rather my family of however many Macintoshes it is that I’ve recklessly accumulated over the years. I’ve adored it since I first saw one at Infocom’s offices in Boston in 1983.

And his last typed words:

His very last post to his own forum was in praise of Mac OS X and the possibilities of its Cocoa programming framework. He said it was “awesome….“, which was also the last word he wrote on his site.”

The Doctor: There are fixed points through time where things must always stay the way they are. This is not one of them. This is an opportunity. A temporal tipping point. Whatever happens today will change future events. Create its own time line, its own reality. The future pivots around you, here, now. So do good. For humanity, and for Earth.
Amy Pond: Right. No pressure there, then.

Quantum Canada, eh!

5 06 2012
Quantum Canada, eh!

What is the first thing you think of when someone says …….. Canada!
The Stanley Cup               CURLING & HOCKEY!
MAPLE LEAFS! (but not necessarily Toronto)

Wayne-gretzky-oilers.jpg              CANUCKS! (but not necessarily Vancouver) 
                  BACK BACON! MAPLE SYRUP!

But definitely not ….. napkins??

Okay, so I was out for an extended bike ride on the weekend, after gardening. and was far enough away from home that I needed a little bit of protein to ramp up my metabolism. In a weak-end moment, and only due to proximity, the closest eating establishment was … McDonalds! So, I ventured in to grab something quick. Oh yeah, forgot – NOTHING is ever quick at McDonalds! But I digest…..

But simply overwhelmed with the ambiance of the new designer ‘Café’ style, I felt compelled to seek closure for Emergency Sustenance Acquisition (ESA). I decided that the best bet for a combination of fast service AND protein would be their Jr. Chicken. My initial thought was that the chicken would probably argue against this. Especially the Junior part, notwithstanding the Chicken part either! Canadians are really good at using the word ‘notwithstanding‘!!!
But throwing caution to the wind, I purchased it, waiting the obligatory McDonalds Moment and headed to an apparently comfortably designed bench, hoping that the new Café decorators were not the same designers for their food.

Carefully unwrapping my poulet du jour, I was joined by a family to my side. Tourists, as it became quite clear, when I overheard the teenage daughter asking, ‘Do Canadians have napkins?

Instantly frozen into cultural shock, my Junior chicken only nano-metres from my taste buds, it took great effort (actually not that much!) to just.keep.the.f.quiet.

Then my Canadian genes jump-started themselves and I laughed, inwardly of course! Of course CANADIANS have napkins! And they soon found that not only do Canadian McDonalds HAVE napkins supplied at inviting designated Napkin Areas For Tourist Access (NAFTA), but they are also thoughtfully inserted into the non-edible GM carrying cases that McDonalds supplies when exchanging cash for Junior Chicken substances.

How Canadian is THAT, eh!

So, satiated by both culture and protein, I carried the debris from discarded Happy Meals (all Canadians are Environmental Green Re-Cyclists), fed my dozen Husky Dogs attached to my Rocky Mountain Bike/Sled/Ski-doo Hybrid vehicle and yelled ‘MUSH’ to avoid the rush hour traffic of Snowshoers, Reindeer Express bus-sleds and the Midnight Sasquatch Curfew in downtown Victoria. A quick stop to pick up some seal back bacon, maple syrup (keg size), new mukluks at Muks-Work-Wear-Gloo & Snow Cutters at Igloo Depot, I headed to the comfy confines of igloo, sweet igloo. I don’t want to miss next weeks Annual Inner Harbour Freeze-Over and the Running of the Musk Ox!!!

And just for fun, here are some hilarious Canadian Videos to prove everything I just said is … mostly true!

I.AM.CANADIAN (William Shatner)

And some hilarious REAL quotes
about Canada from those
most needing access to

“Canada is not the party. Its the apartment above the party.”
    Craig Ferguson

“I get to go to overseas places, like Canada.”
    Britney Spears

“I’ve been to Canada, and I’ve always gotten the impression that I could take the country over in about two days.”
    Jon Stewart

“Canada: A few acres of snow.”

“Canada is a country so square that even the female impersonators are women.”
    Richard Benne

“Canada is a myth people made up to entertain children, like the Tooth Fairy. There’s no such place.”
    Christopher Moore

“I used to go missing a lot… Miss Canada, Miss United Kingdom, Miss World.”
    George Best

“Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain.”
    Pierre Trudeau

Oh, yes, and the only other words
Canadians use more than ‘eh’ is ……..

River Song: And for those of us who can’t read the base code of the universe?

Quantum Sapporo Ichiban

2 06 2012
Quantum Sapporo Ichiban

Talk about my All-Time Favourite Lunch – Soup In A Bag!

I grew up with Sapporo Ichiban as my soup du jour!

Standard fare while attending University! What could be simpler than boiling some water and ripping open a bag – basically in that order! BUT there ARE techniques to improve the entire Ichiban Experience though…..

  1. You MUST crush the noodles prior to opening the bag. This is mandatory. Adds flavour.
  2. You MUST use more water than what is recommended. Why? ‘Cause crackers soak up the water!
  3. You MUST use crackers. See above.
  4. You MUST think about using sliced green onions. Mmmm……sliced green onions! Adds some more flavour! Flavour good! More flavour, more gooder!
  5. You MUST think about using diced radishes (radishii?) Adds flavour and crunch! More cruncher!
  6. You MUST think about using chopped up celery. Adds even MORE-ER CRUNCHER-ER! But this does not add flavour. Never has. Never will. Have you ever heard anyone ever say ……. “This tastes like celery”? Didn’t think so! And if something ever DOES taste like celery- let’s not ever go there!
  7. Mix, boil, eat. Repeat about every week or so. Or when affordable on a student budget.

NOW you have a meal! Or a lifestyle. Actually, both.

And the scan above is INCREDIBLY RARE! It is the only known scan of an English and French Sapporo Ichiban Original Flavour, on the entire Internest!!!

Japanese Noodles with English and French Cooking Instructions! Only in Canada!

C’est très magnifique!

Thai Ginger
Bangkok Curry

But the times, they are a changin’ and there is a new kid on the block! The newest delicacy in the Soup In A Bag repertoire is…..Thai Kitchen!!

These are great with green onions, radishii and stuff that tastes like celery! Crackers don’t really cut it here. Something to do with the texture of the rice noodles. Avoid crackers. Avoid stuff that tastes like crackers too. My favourite (and only available) flavours are all around here!

Garlic & Vegetable
Lemongrass & Chili
Spring Onion

Hubble times Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy pile-up

Break out the Popcorn! Galaxies Colliding! Ring Side Seat!

And as Ford Prefect once said, ‘Don’t Panic!‘ We are ALL in for a glorious ring-side seat to an amazing spectacle! TWO GALAXIES COLLIDING! The easiest way to see this is to … be a Time Lord like I am. Just use your Tardis. But if for some reason, those pesky Daleks are queuing up ahead of you, then just eat Cheezies and Sapporo  Ichiban each and every day for a few billion years. Life Extenders BOTH! And then, sit back, and watch the fireworks .. .literally!

Last Day of Paper Route

And the last day of delivering newspapers with my XX chromosome progeny on Wednesday. The route included many regular denizens of eagles, hummingbirds, quail, peacocks, cats, dogs (Herbie!), deer, river otters and even …A COUGAR!


I liked it best in winter, under a full moon, with a fresh snowfall. And we don’t get that many snowfalls here!

And I will miss the walk, the talk, the view, the steps and bumping into CoGG and GUS!!!

But I work with CoGG and Bliss3 so Gus will still be patrolling our streets, keeping them safe from deer!!!! And Holly looks after everything north of UVIC!

And it is only down the street too! As my aunt says, ‘Gawrsh!”

The Doctor: People don’t understand time. It’s not what you think it is. 
Sally: Then what is it? 
The Doctor: Complicated.
Sally: Tell me.
The Doctor:Very complicated.
Sally: I’m clever, and I’m listening, and don’t patronize me because people have died and I’m not happy. Tell me.
The Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause-of-effect…but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly…timey-wimey…stuff.

Moin moin :-)

sei nicht perfekt, sondern echt.

Can of Good Goodies

カナダより。一日ひとつ。素敵なもの、おいしいもの、心楽しくなるものなどなど... Can of Good Goodies.


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